The Delano Manongs
Producer: Media Factory
Co-Producer: Lisa Whitmer
TRT: 1 hour
*currently in production

The Delano Manongs tells the unknown history of a group of
Filipino farmworkers in Delano, California who toiled under the yoke of racism for decades, then rose up in their twilight years to fight for fair wages and ethical work conditions.


No Strings Attached
Producer/Director/Editor: Lisa Whitmer
TRT: 36:30 minutes

Bursting with sex appeal and kitschy charm, No Strings Attached is a playful romp through the world of burlesque, from its origins in the late nineteenth century to its contemporary revival. The film provides a peek through feathers and glitter at the Scenic Sisters, a San Francisco duo, as they prepare for the annual, international Tease-o-Rama convention.


SF Indie logo San Francisco Independent Film Festival
Sat, 2/7/09 - 2:45pm at Roxie Cinema
Sun, 2/8/09 - 12:30pm at Roxie Cinema

Big Sky logoBig Sky Documentary Film Festival
Mon, 2/16/09 - 9:45 pm at Wilma Theater
Missoula, Montana


Broad Humor Film Festival
Sat, 6/13/09 - 8:30PM at Electric Lodge
Venice, California


Rhode Island International Film Festival
Sat, 8/8/09 - 12:00am at Cable Car Cinema
Providence, RI


Coney Island Film Festival
10/4/09 - 1pm at Coney Island Museum
Brooklyn, NY


New Orleans Film Festival
10/13/09 - 9pm at Canal Place Cinema
New Orleans, LA


Baltimore Women's Film Festival
10/25/09 - 11am at Landmark Harbor East Theatre
Baltimore, MD




Environmental Solutions Forum
Producer: Media Factory
Line Producer: Lisa Whitmer
TRT: 10 minutes
*currently in post-production

This short film will illustrate how Environmental Solutions Forum helps provide a standards-based science education to underserved youth in Redwood City.  The program broadens the students’ understanding of their local ecosystem and promotes positive youth development.



Little Manila: Filipinos in California’s Heartland
Producer: Media Factory
Co-Producer: Lisa Whitmer
TRT: 26 minutes

Produced for PBS, Little Manila highlights the vibrant history of Filipinos in Stockton.  Using rarely seen archival footage, the film shows the struggles Filipinos faced as migrant farm workers, as well as their triumphs, ranging from labor strikes to political organizing.




The Key of G
Producer/Director/Editor: Lateral Films
Associate Producer: Lisa Whitmer
TRT: 58 minutes

The Key of G is an award-winning feature documentary about disability, caregiving and interdependence. The film follows Gannet, a charismatic 22-year-old with physical and developmental disabilities, as he leaves his mother's home to share an apartment with his bohemian caregivers. Together they create a uniquely successful model of supported living, and a compelling alternative to institutionalized care.